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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do I need to charge the battery before the first use?

The IntelliEAR® PLUS uses a Ni-MH battery. These batteries require a full charge before the first use of the product for the batteries to function at their optimal use. TheIntelliEAR® PLUS can be charged for 12 hours or overnight. Button-cell batteries for theIntelliEAR® last approximately 12 continuous hours.

2) How do I know if the battery is fully charged?

Charging the IntelliEar® PLUS 12-14 hours can fully recharge the internal battery.

3) Will the green light turn off when battery is fully charged?
No, the light will stay on when fully charged and the unit is in the off position. When the unit is turned on again, the red light will appear.

4) How can I get it to fit in my ear properly?

Both the IntelliEAR® and IntelliEAR® PLUS come with three different style ear tips. Choose an ear tip that fits comfortably in your ear but is not too loose. Use the flexible foam earpiece to wrap around the outer ear to hold the unit at the desired position.

5) How do I clean the IntelliEAR®/PLUS?

Wipe the unit with a clean, damp cloth. Do not immerse the unit in water or it will destroy the battery and possibly cause electric shock.

6) How do I clean the IntelliEAR®/PLUS soft ear tips?

The ear plug cover can be removed and cleaned with lukewarm water. Do not use soap or detergents. Clean ear tips in a bowl of warm water and wipe clean with a cloth.

7) Why is there a high pitched noise?

Audio feedback may be caused when the IntelliEAR® and IntelliEAR® PLUS earpiece is exposed to its own highly sensitive microphone. Feedback is normal, however, repeated and/or prolonged occurrences should be avoided. To prevent audio feedback, remember to switch off the IntelliEAR®/PLUS before placing it into, or removing it from, your ear.

8) Why is the unit not holding a charge?

The IntelliEAR® PLUS will hold a charge up to 5 hours. If your unit is not holding the charge, it could be because it was not properly charged the minimum 12 hours prior to its first use.

9) Will the IntelliEAR®/PLUS work with my cell phone?

The IntelliEAR®/PLUS is an audio amplification device. While cleverly disguised as a cell phone earpiece, the unit is not intended to be compatible with any phones on the market and does not work in conjunction with cell phones.